About me

Hello, I’m Yun Da (昀达), I live in sunny Singapore which is in the region of Southeast Asia. I’m currently studying at Yale-NUS College (YNC), majoring in Psychology and minoring in Mathematical, Computational, Statistical Sciences, in the Yale-NUS liberal arts curriculum. I find great joy in spending quality time with family and friends. YNC, being such a communal environment full of caring and passionate people, has been a community of learning that I’ve grown to love.

My professional interests

I am interested in the world of technology and how it has pushed the human race forwards. In specific, I’m interested in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Human-Computer Interfaces (HCI). My summer research program in 2020 will be about building Electroencephalogram using openBCI with Dr Chris Asplund.

About my blog

I write about things I find intellectually stimulating and/or emotionally resonating from in and around my life. If you find something interesting on my blog, feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment if you have any thoughts to proffer!

Enjoy! 😃

(If you were wondering about the history of this site… It was originally called “sgkia”. kia (pronounced “kià”) actually means kid in Hokkien. So put together, it’s to refer to my identity as a Singaporean kid…)