Telegram channel for food in Singapore (deprecated)

“Hi guys! The current circuit breaker period has made it hard for everyone, especially the hawkers who have been struggling to make ends meet.

😢 Most of them are elderly and do not know how to promote themselves online or on social media. While many famous hawker stalls still have regular customers, not every hawker gets equal exposure and some have a huge dip in patrons.

🍛🍗🍜 The telegram channel Singapore Food Directory ( hopes to be able to promote local hawkers who are struggling, and boost their business during this period.

✅ The initiative works through a collective effort from users.
✅ So if you know of a hawker stall/restaurant around your area who are facing such difficulties, you can help by advertising on their behalf.
✅ In turn, if you see a hawker on the list who’s close to you, we hope that you would be able to patronize them.

✨ Please join this channel, and spread this message to your friends and families. Together we can help our Hawkers. Thank you!

🍲#supportourhawkers #projectBOMPIPI🍜”


The telegram channel has since been deprecated, as circuit breaker ended, and other platforms have risen up to the challenge of helping our hawkers. One such platform I quite like is this Facebook group (because it doesn’t require a centralized curator who disseminates new information. Anyone can post if they’d like to):

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