Working from home – day 23

Time flies! It took me some time to settle in. The first 2 weeks I was pretty much quite unproductive, was just trying to let it all sink in. Now that everything has sunken in, and I feel like my life is starting to get back in order – this last week has been way more productive than the whole of the last 2.5 weeks combined.

Also what Perfect timing! The PL270 that my sister ordered for me arrived! Also, the air-conditioning got repaired – they finally topped up the gas in the compressor. 😛 These last 2 days has led to a night and day difference in productivity! Heat, noise, humidity, smoke scents were incredibly disruptive to work. Couldn’t concentrate at all. No one’s gonna understand what these problems mean, and I’m not going to gripe about them. Except that they have real impacts on productivity.

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