Air-conditioning repairs

This is gonna be a post about my struggles moving back home (since April 7th) due to the COVID situation. (Skip this if you’re not into building maintenance and repairs) I’m now back at home, in a new room which had not been used in a couple of years. This unit is really close to the kitchens of other units and gets incredibly hot due to bad ventilation in the afternoons.

Some lessons I’ve learnt:

When moving into a new house, it’s important to move in and start using all the things inside the house to ensure that they’re working. The a/c in echelon was working initially, but the cooling efficiency dropped drastically.

Installation warranties usually only last for. year, so it’s critical to ensure that any such works have to be checked right there and then.

Overview of what the servicemen and I found today:

Aircon check done – 1 compressor was empty. They topped up the gas today (temporary fix, $140 inclusive of checking fees and gas fees).
Suspected to have leakage for 1 compressor (connected to the room behind the kitchen counter, the other bedroom, and 1 of the living room aircon which is closer to the kitchen counter).
The other compressor is fine – connected to the master bedroom and the other living room cooling unit.
They say that after using the aircon, we should turn on the fan mode and just let it blow dry first if not will have the moldy smell. (That’s the reason for the fan mode).
If the cooling efficiency is gone, they also say don’t turn on the affected aircon units because it will spoil the compressor.
The guy says that the pressure check fees is $180 per aircon fan unit (we have 3 to check) if we do with gain city.
He says that we can consider contracting koomax engineering pte ltd (apparently the person worked at Mitsubishi before) to do the pressure check if it’s cheaper, and then afterwards if we want to repair then see how much it is with gaincity/koomax.
Also, Echelon aircon warranty is 2 years, so it’s not eligible for warranty repair.

Condo management says that they weren’t really sure who did the aircon pipe installation works, but they told me to contact Poh Meng because they use it for their management office. I tried calling PM but they didn’t take my call. Apparently Mitsubishi doesn’t handle pipe works because they’re only in charge of the compressor and the blower unit. (PM’s website also says that installation works only come with 1 year warranties…)

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