“Recess” week: When it doesn’t work on the first try, don’t give up. Keep trying.

Things I’d gotten done over this week:

  1. Getting wordpress blog running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  2. Migrating RememberingHarold.org over from namecheap
  3. Set up Cloudflare’s DNS routing for domains
  4. Run laundry.chuayunda.com off GCP’s Ubuntu -> Flask, Gunicorn, Nginx.
  5. Fixed python code for the website and raspberry pi
  6. Created schematics for how to solder the Arduino Pro Mini to the BLE
  7. Caught up with friends on Tuesday and had a day of rest on Wednesday.
  8. Spent whole of Thursday in the Fab Lab -> got 3 sensors soldered up. (Very grateful for the 3 boxes donated to me by the YNC community).
  9. Friday: Cleared admin, started work on HI, fixed problems with the previous day’s sensors (Faulty Arduino!), swapped out faulty BLE module too (-90dB transmission vs -50dB for a good sensor)

What a long week this has been… But I think I hit my goal: ported many things over to Google Cloud Platform, got 3 more sensors up, verbal confirmation of funding for project, parts arrived on Wednesday (delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak), met up with friends coming back for spring break from Japan.

Next, looking forward to clearing up my class’s readings and assignments and meeting up with family and friends over the weekend.

Here’s a picture of the webpage on laundry.chuayunda.com

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