Y2S2 Week 6: Mono/Corona Viruses, Sleep & Memory, LaTeX

Mono Viruses, Corona Viruses, Moronic Viruses everywhere!

Have you heard of Mononucleosis?

I recently heard about it from friends on campus. Apparently, it’s known as the “kissing disease” because it spreads via Saliva exchange and the virus is highly contagious. Apparently someone I knew had it, and symptoms presented such as a constant high fever, vomiting, and aches. Apparently it took doctors about 2 months to figure out that it was actually a viral infection of mononucleosis.

The person ended up stopping classes; it was quite sudden and for a really long time I had no idea what had happened. Just on Sunday, I met this person and found out what had happened.

Hearing about this virus makes me more cautious of sharing drinks as I’ve been quite oblivious to the existence of such a virus. It could take a full year to recover from mono, and it sounds quite debilitating.

On the topic of viruses, please remember to practice good personal hygiene with the whole COVID-19 bug going around at the moment. Surprisingly, there’s a sense of normalcy around campus despite this health scare.

Is it worth it sleeping late?

Well, according to psych textbooks, slow wave sleep is crucial to memory consolidation. Hence, if I want to study more effectively, sleep is paramount.

I had previously foolishly thought that by adding a white lamp (~6500K), I could stay up later without feeling sleepy to work on my side projects (like hosting this blog on GCP, working with Raspberry Pis, making telegram bots, or the YNC Laundry Webpage). Turns out I might be doing more harm than good.


To add it, download the plugin “Quick Latex” and add [ latexpage ] latex <insert math here> and it will sort itself out!


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