Feels: When Breath Becomes Air

“Caelica 83: You that seek what life is in death

You that seek what life is in death,

Now find it air that once was breath.

New names unknown, old names gone:

Till time end bodies, but souls none.

Reader! Then make time, while you be,

But steps to your eternity.

Baron Brooke Fulke Greville (1628)

I browsed through a few pages of this book at a popular bookstore near Tiong Bahru last month and decided to pick it up from book depository, and it just arrived! It came as a hardcover with a dust jacket, which I went to kinokuniya to have a nifty transparent polypropylene cover taped over the dust jacket for S$1.

My experience with this book was intense – goosebumps that grew stronger as I read on, nearing the end of Paul’s book, and Paul’s life.

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